PLUM is Peace, Love, Unity Movement

As the division in America is perpetuated, there are responsibilities we have to change that. We have the responsibility to unify and remember that hatred and division only hurt us. It hurts our children and their outlook on humanity. It rips away at the very fabric of our nature. By nature we are loving, peaceful, and nurturing people. Through a constantly accessible barrage of news and opinions, our peaceful and loving natures are being tested. Our unity has been fractured.

Three of us were fed up. This movement was born out of a desire to remind people of what is important. Our founder was passionate about unifying people but couldn’t get out during COVID herself due to undergoing cancer treatment. Her husband and long time friend brainstormed some ideas.

So, we decided to take action.

  • We printed yard signs and gave them out for free. (See below)
  • We created a Facebook group to spread positivity and pictures of people with the signs along with statements as to why they wanted the signs.
  • We organized a 48 hour journey run to hit landmarks in all areas of Buffalo including the suburbs and Niagara Falls.

This is only the beginning. It is a movement that will keep moving.

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